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1970's Tommasini



Ordered in approx 78 by Gordon M, from Ted Ernst's Dads shop in Redondo Beach, Calif. Top tube was damaged, so it was replaced by a Kimo Tanaka at Wheelworks in Davis, Ca, painted red and outfitted with newer Shimano components. Possibly some of the braze'ons were added at that time - but in the Classic Rendevous bike (click Tommasini link above), that bike had top tube cable guides. The original Blue/Silver color was applied Apr 2007. 59cm C-C

5/10/2009 - FINALLY... after so much help, my own patience and procrastination, today I rode Gordons bike for the first time since the redo. And it rides SO nicely. The sewups felt great, the steering was really responsive - I see why Gordon bought it in the first place ! Thanks to ALL the great help from the CR list folks-I know he is going to love seeing it again.