1970's Motobecane Grand Record

Campy dropouts. 1264511 on left, 1264516 on right

?? 'creased' or 'fluted' ??

Thanks John R for this pic fof what mine should look like (Greg Softley now has this set of replacement decals )


I got this frame because a) it's a 59cm, C-C size, which I really want to try, and b) the top lug called my name ! It has a DECAL for the head tube rather than a true badge. Frame has a quite large wheel clearance.

11/2006 - starting to build it over the Thanksgiving weekend. Tires are too big (waiting for the new Grand Bois 700c's coming soon) - and this Campy derailleur doesnt seem to fit properly. [ Crane GS fixed that ! ] But I did get about 5 miles on it, and I LOVE the feel (well, excpet maybe for that horrific seat !). I got the smooth Honjo 43mm fenders too !

1/2007 The Grand Bois 700c tires are ON - and I do say, it rolls very nicely! One of the pics shows the fenders resting on the rubber - it'll be tight, but they should look nice. Took off the campy derailleur and replaced it with a brand new Crane. Drivetrain is a new(er) durace hubset built with Velocity Aerohead (OC rear) rims, plus a 11/26 9 speed cassette. The campy shifters and Mafac brakes offset the newer stuff down below. The bike shifts super.

Thanks to all who have helped me on this one. Things French are a a bit tuff !. One thing I can say - those gold Edco headsets that Chris at VeloOrange recently made available to us are fantastic

3/2009 - Greg S has an updated decal set, which includes the black/foil head tube graphic - so I think a respray project is comin to my garage very soon !! This bike continues to be one of my best riders. Baron (Cafe de Velo, Santa Paula) helped it out with a slightly longer CTA stem, plus some wider bars. I switched to the 28mm Gran Bois (Cerf), and love them. And finally, those fantastic Mafac 2000 centerpulls are even BETTER now, since I've replaced the pads with the salmon Kool Stop models that Jan Heine described in a 2009 article in Bicycle Quarterly. And they stop GREAT !