Peugeot PX 10

This showroom quality, BIG Peugeot came to me by way of our good friend Ted E. Thanks Ted !!

SN is 7030007 - maybe around a 1975 ? Nervex Lugs.

Rode it TODAY for the first time !! 12/14/2008.

(curious note - this frame has both the plate, AND the numbers stamped directly into the BB). Info: Around 1970, Peugeot began stamping the numbers on an aluminum plate which was riveted to the underside of the bottom bracket shell. Jon S offers this tidbit which probably explains the two sets of SN:

"I watched the guys at Collins Cycle Shop in Eugene, OR, hand-stamp many Peugeot serial numbers directly into the BB shells at the shop after deciphering the tiny numbers on those alloy plates. They told me they did this because the alloy plates could separate from the BB shell in use (or, more likely in our university town, would be removed on purpose by bike thieves), leaving the bike unidentifiable. So the LBS that sold the bike new could have done the same thing when it was first sold."