1973 Mondia Special

S/N: 174757 - 59cm CC


1972 Bicycle Magazine Review (thans to Roberts great Velo-pages.com )

Stronglight 120 axle w TA cups. Q factor is 133 (67 on drive). NOT BAD. Tried a Stronglight 118 - fit closer, but offsets is different than 120... made it unbalanced / off centered by 4mm, and was very close on drive side bolts. Stronglight is same taper as JIS. SEE BELOW (zoom in for detail). Nervex Lugs.

Top of Grimes Canyon - 34.339567,-118.900995

Top of Balcom Canyon - 34.322006,-118.97511

This came to me from a local shop - had the original Pat 72 campy derailleur, Campy bar ends, Campy record crank and pedals, and Campy brakes. From the magazine description (full text link above):

The Mondia "Special" touring frame featured a front fork with a pronounced curve and a slightly greater rake that provided a very comfortable ride, though described by some as noodly. The Special also featured ornate Nervex chrome frame lugs. Braze-on brake cable guides were mounted along the lower right side of the top tube. Another fixture on the Special were braze-on attachments to mount front and rear racks for cross-country touring gear.

October 2010 - finally riding and as commented by others... it IS a great rider ! Will take the place of the ugly yellow Motobecane as my main long daily rider. (the ugly yellow duck will soon be having it's feathers spruced up !). The bottom two shots show off the 'icing' tidbits - thanks to list member Billy K for those TA dust caps, and to LBS guru Kevin from Custom Bicycle Sales in Tarzana for that NOS Mondia head badge.... the little things... love em !